Henke Sass Wolf of America

Location: Dudley, MA
Area: 62,000 sf
Completed: 2018

WJMA has been contracted repeatedly by HSWOA over the past 12 years including designing the original 30,000 s.f building and a new 32,000 building addition. The modern addition to the original 2006 facility provides vibrant new spaces for this world leading medical endoscope development and manufacturing corporation. The new three-story addition includes new offices, manufacturing, research, and shipping space integrated with the existing one and two story original structure. The building is designed to provide ample natural light to the varied programmatic elements of executives, engineering supervisors, and assembly technicians. The new addition also provides more employee areas including break rooms, coffee spaces, locker rooms, and toilet rooms. This elegant structure fulfills all of the necessary requirements in a cost effective, energy efficient architectural solution.